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Toxins we accumulate everyday are stored in our joints, muscles and cells.  Today in North America we eat, drink, breath and slather on our skin, thousands of toxic chemicals daily, that the body has difficulty removing efficiently.  In the past 50 years we have begun to show the serious signs and are suffering the deadly consequences of  toxic overload.

There are four major pathways of natural body detoxification.  We detoxify daily by eliminating waste through our bowels, our bladder, our breath and by sweating.  If any of these pathways are hindered, detoxification is not being performed adequately.  Sweating is one pathway that we prefer to avoid.  We no longer sweat, in fact we think that sweating is dirty and do everything in our power to keep from sweating.  We live, work and shop in air-conditioned buildings, drive in air-conditioned vehicles, and  wear antiperspirants to make sure we don’t sweat when we are in enough heat or stress to make us do so.

An Infrared Sauna is a medical grade sauna that has been proven to be highly efficient in not only getting us to sweat again naturally, but to eliminate many of the toxins built up in our bodies that contribute to or cause disease.  Virtually all of the positive results from saunas that have been reported in medical journals and at medical conferences were achieved using the ceramic plate in an infrared sauna.  American soldiers exposed to agent orange removed 97% of dioxins from their bodies simply by sweating, even after carrying these toxins around in their bodies for 20 years.  The far infrared sauna is unlike conventional saunas that heat your body to 80 or 90 degrees C.  Instead, an infrared sauna only heats your body to 40 or 50 degrees C.  This heat penetrates only the first 2 inches of your body which trigger the sweat glands to start functioning before your body temperature goes up, making it much safer and more efficient in detoxifying.

The following are just some of the conditions an Infrared Sauna can help

  • Heart Disease:  The Mayo Clinic studies in the 1990′s showed all 37 participants afflicted with inoperable congestive heart failure displayed good improvement with some being able to stop taking medications after about 6 weeks of regular sauna therapy at low heat.
  • Asthma:  Dr. Jozef Krop (a SaunaRay customer) showed in sauna therapy studies in the 1980′s that chronic asthma in a patient exposed to industrial chemicals from the petroleum industry was alleviated in about 4 weeks.  SaunaRay customers have reported going from using an asthma inhaler 3 times per week, to 3 times per year after about 2 months of regular sauna use.
  • Fibromyalgia (Chronic Pain disorder):  Dr. Alison Bested of Scarborough, one of the top chronic pain specialists in Canada, uses SaunaRay in her office on all of her patients.  She is affiliated with the University of Toronto, Women’s College Hospital Environmental Health Unit, and Sunnybrook Hospital.  She commends it for her patients most difficult to treat.
  • Psoriasis and other skin disorders:  Psoriasis like many skin disorders is actually a liver disorder.  It happens when certain toxins from food cannot be normally eliminated via the liver, so they’re sent to the fat cells for future elimination via sweat.  When they reach the cells just under the skin, the body begins to overproduce skin cells by a factor of 10,000 times.  These toxins are released in the dead skin cells, shed during sweating.  By sweating profusely and regularly, the toxins are expelled from the body in the droplets of sweat and the symptoms of psoriasis are alleviated.  Lifelong discomfort from psoriasis is relieved by Far Infra Red Sauna Therapy; psoriasis patients are among our most joyous customers.
  • Arthritis:  The heaters in the corners deeply penetrate major joints and aid in soft tissue repair.  The energy from the heat helps to break up Lactic Acid which can gather and cause muscle cramping.  Soft tissue and connective tissue which concerns arthritics, is made more supple and pliable.
  • Cancer:  There are practitioners using SaunaRay for Breast Cancer treatment but this is in conjunction with many other therapies, sometimes even with chemo therapy and surgery.  It is not to be considered as a cure for cancer however doctors who have researched the Far Infrared Sauna Therapy state unequivocally that regular sessions will expunge toxins known to cause cancer.  Including lead, mercury, plastics, pthalates, dioxin, pesticides, and heavy metals.